Realising Your Ultimate Potential

12 Questions to Ask Yourself About Realizing Your Ultimate Potential


Question #1 : What is it that I don’t want in this area?

For many of us. it seems so much easier to think about what we don’t want than what we do want. Think about the things you know you don’t want, including things you don’t like that are presently part of your life and things you don’t want to happen In the future.

Question #2: What Do I Want?

This can include both internal and external things: attitudes, relationships, skills, and experiences would qualify as internal “wants.” Include houses, cars, money, and whatever other material things you might want to include in your world as well. It is helpful to list as many possibilities as you can imagine.

Question #3: What Is the ultimate possibility?

Okay, now that you have a list of your wants, expand your vision. For example, if you included a new home as one of your wants, what would be the ultimate dream home for you? If you have listed a promotion in your present situation or a new career, what would be your ultimate vision? What would you do if money was no object and you could be. do, and have whatever you wanted?

Question #4: How will I feel when I have all that I want in this area?

Describe how you will feel emotionally when you have achieved all you desire In this. Allow yourself to enjoy this experience as fully as possible, using all your senses. In Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting. Lynn Orabhom teaches the power of emotions and feelings and the importance of managing our flow of energy.

Question #5: How can I nurture my heart’s desires In this area?

Write down ways you can help yourself remember that you deserve and can claim this success in life. This might include affirmations, activities, personal contacts, or new projects that will keep your dream alive. It Is vitally important to protect your hopes and dreams from anyone who might not be supportive. The emWave from Heart Mathft is one great resource for achieving heart/mind coherence.

Question #6: What priority goals will I set for this area?

List the first things you will do to begin moving toward your destiny. To be powerful, goals should be SMART: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic, and Time-dated.

Question #7: What are the hurdles and obstacles I will need to overcome?

Every goal will have obstacles and hurdles to overcome, including some that may be unique. List everything you can anticipate standing in your way. Be open and aware of ways you can handle any obstacles you expect and encounter in your life.

Question #8: Who will be my coaches and mentors?

It Is so important to have a support system to help you remember the goals you set and. more importantly, why you set them. Write down the names of everyone you know who might help. If you don’t have a coach, you might want to move forward with choosing one.

Question #9: Who will be my cheerleaders and Mastermind support?

List the people in your life who want to see you succeed and believe in you: people who also believe in what you are trying to achieve would be great choices. When Napoleon Hill studied successful people for Think andGrow Rich, he found that the most successful had Mastermind teams. There are many Journals and books that will help you understand how to form a Mastermind team.

Question #10:  What action steps can I take to move forward in this area?

Decide on your next steps, which might include setting goals, discovering your preferences, or assessing your skills and resources. Wallace Wattles, author of TheScience of Getting Rich, said: What we want comes to us through vision and imagination but we receive it through action.*

Question #11: What affirmations could I use?

Affirmations are positive, present- tense statements of the manifestation of our future visions. Choose affirmations that will help you reinforce your beliefs and write them down. Examples include: I am a positive, happy person. I am financially independent and earn t I am healthy and fit. I have great relationships with my family and friends.

Question #12: What visual images will help me remember to hold my vision?

The power of visualization is one of the most important “secrets to success.” Your mind doesn’t know the difference between actual experiences and Imagined ones. Some people find visions created through “treasure maps” are helpful. You might Include images of your goals as well as individuals you greatly admire, such as Jesus. Gandhi, or Mother Teresa.

Excerpted from Realizing Your Ultimate Potential, 1 of 14 Guidebooks for Solving life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles


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